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Powerful, Exclusive Weight Loss Solution

Lose up to 1 Pound Per Day!

“I am down 42 pounds and feel FABULOUS. I can’t go back, I already got rid of two wardrobes!”

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L.E.D Body Contouring

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Come In TODAY For A $1
L.E.D Treatment (a 
$350 Value)!

Lose 7-23 Inches of Fat within 42 Days!
⚡Lose 2-5 Dress or Pant Sizes within 42 Days!
⚡Zero Drugs, Zero Surgery, Zero Pain!

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Dr. Love on Home Matters:

Listen to Home Matter’s full 30-minute podcast featuring Dr. Lyle Love and our amazing weight loss program. We dive deep into the mechanics of the body and how we use natural systems to turbocharge your weight loss abilities without drugs, surgery, or exercise. 

What the Reviews Say

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I bought the program and followed it to the T.  Just follow the steps and you will succeed. I lost 30lbs in 4 weeks! I’m fitting into clothes I thought I never would again. I’m ecstatic with my results and so is my husband by the way!

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With respect to achieving amazing results, my first contour light body session Yielded a net loss of  2.5 inches in less than an hour!! It was fast! It was painless! It was mind boggling technology!

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I lost 19 lbs in about 30 days and 10.5 inches! The lights were awesome. I feel great. My energy is through the roof. My knees and really entire body feel much better.


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